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African American newborn posed by Lisa Yvette - Charlotte Photographer
perfectly posed newborn captured by Lisa Yvette Photography

You are pregnant or have just given birth to your sweet baby.  You are considering hiring a professional photographer to take the perfect photos for your birth announcements.  Shortly after your search you see the price tag and start to wonder if you should just take pictures yourself.  If you really think about all that’s involved, you’d soon realize that this moment is fleeting and too important to risk doing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced cheap photographer.  You want your baby in the care of a professional, who can produce quality images by safely and correctly posing your baby. It’s definitely worth it  to hire professional newborn photographer. New moms and dads are always amazed and grateful after the completion of their newborn portrait session with Lisa Yvette. They realize their investment is well worth it and come back for future newborn sessions. Here’s why:

newborn froggie pose on mauve textured blanket


Professional newborn photographers get training. They learn how to safely and delicately position your baby into those cute cuddly poses.  Babies should look relaxed and comfortable. Always ask photographers about their experience and training. 

newborn in mauve knit swaddle on white posing blanket


A point and shoot camera from an electronic store or an iPhone just won’t do.  Professional have invested thousands of dollars in lighting, lenses, cameras, software, and editing courses to produce quality timeless photos with proper exposure and color. Photographers know how edit out flakes from peeling, redness, or even yellow jaundice which are common in newborn skin.

newborn wearing jeweled silver crown and lace green romper


Trained Newborn understand the details. They know where to place the light, how to position your baby’s head, heads, etc. how to properly place them in props, what angles look the best, and more. These are things the average person simply won’t know.

newborn swaddled in white floral headband and lamb stuffed animal


When using a Newborn photographer, you’ll never have to worry about props.  Posting blankets, hats, fitted outfits, teddy bears, swaddles, baskets, and other props and accessories in a variety of styles and colors are at your photographer’s fingertips.  And they spend hours after the session ensuring everything used is cleaned with baby safe sanitizers. Unless there is a specific treasured item you want used at the session, you shouldn’t have to bring anything to the session but your baby, milk and diapers.

newborn in taco pose mauve textured posing blanket


Your baby will only be this little for a short period of time. Any parent will tell you that they grow and change so fast! And life will be busy caring for your baby. At the start there is always laundry, diapers, feeding, and more. There will always be one more task to do. Sleep will become a treasured luxury for a while. To do all that’s involved with newborn photos and try to get yourself in them too is simply stressful to figure out. It’s best to hire a photographer while you are still pregnant as the best and most experienced are usually booked well in advance.

newborn in bucket pose mauve and green

In the end, you get what you pay for.  Avoiding the cost of hiring a professional will end up costing you and your child precious memories. Don’t just hire anyone.  Do the research, compare the quality of the photos, check the lighting and color side by side from various photographer images. Inquire with the ones you love most, visit their website and social pages to learn their style and process, talk to them. You ‘will‘ find the photographer who best fits your needs.

Newborn in green lace side lay pose

Never miss a moment to capture your loved ones.

If you have questions or would like to book a newborn photoshoot with my Charlotte NC Portrait Studio, contact Lisa Yvette Photography.  Lisa Yvette is an award winning portrait photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, and baby cake smash photos. 


Why hire a newborn photographer

April 12, 2022

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